Changes, Being a Digital Nomad and the Future

These past few weeks have been so exciting and full of adventure that I will never forget. This blog has been a little inactive for the past few months with just a few post here and there and since we came back, I realized that just as other things evolve, this blog should too.

I changed the layout a couple of times before I got to what it looks like today. Perhaps it was the start of the changes that were to happen and is happening. I had a conversation with Nina the other night about her involvement with the blog and we both agreed that this blog has been my baby and I should continue with it since I’ve invested a lot of time and effort. She recently put up a new blog @ baninya 
Digital Nomad

Our recent trip in Europe made me realize how much I appreciate and love what I do. I can jump from Austria to Latvia and to Spain and still be able to work and earn money. It’s clear to me that THIS is what I want to do. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for, my AHA! *lightbulb* moment.

When we got back, I started to read A LOT of digital nomad blogs. Although there were some that seemed to be just trying to 
$€££ an idea, majority of them were really inspiring. I’m really lucky that Nina was open to the whole idea and shared the same feeling like I did. So we’re slowly starting to plan, research and prepare. 

Some of you might be asking, what is a Digital Nomad? To give you an idea, let me quote a summary from Eli @

Digital Nomad Lifestyle= Relying on the internet and portable technology (laptop) to sustain a nomadic lifestyle

He then breaks it down and gives more details:

  • Style of travel = Digital Nomads lifestyle tends to have a milder component of travel than other existing lifestyle of nomads. This is because Digital Nomads are dependent on a certain amount of infrastructure to sustain their lifestyle and, as a result, most Digital Nomads spend a few months in a place before relocating.
  • Location chosen = Digital Nomads will generally chose locations that are big cities or capital cities. This is due to the infrastructure needed with a stable environment and good internet connection. As well, many Digital Nomads rely on co-working locations (offices) to do their work.
  • Routine = Digital Nomads lifestyle usually pushes to a more stable routine than most other nomadic lifestyles and this is because of the focus on work online. Because of this, Digital Nomads will generally have a regular work week and do their travelling on the weekend. Even though their life may be more routine, do not underestimate the travelling done on weekends as this can be anywhere!
  • Local in disguise = Because of the relative stability and routines associated to a Digital Nomads lifestyle, those adapting it generally become locals in disguise. A Digital Nomad’s social circle usually encompasses more locals than other travellers because of their routine in a regular work week. In other words, digital nomads pick locals as friends or fellow digital nomads, and not tourists, since they work during the day and usually have the evening, and weekends free.

Image by Freepik


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